Reviewing Aid For Rhino Shield Paint FAQ

If you have been thinking of painting your walls, then it is safe to say that you are looking for an option that will get the job done, and that is reliable and long lasting. One of the best options there is in the market currently is Rhino Shield Paint. But since this might be a new option you just heard of, there is a very high probability that you are looking for a comprehensive Rhino Shield Paint FAQ article that will answer some of the questions you might have about this paint. For this reason, this piece will discuss some of the most commonly asked Rhino Shield Paint questions to help you understand it better.

What is Rhino Shield?

Rhino Shield is not your normal paint. This unique coating is a ceramic elastomeric that looks like normal house paint which can be tinted to any color you wish. However, unlike normal paint, the coating dries 8 to 9 times thicker than normal latex paint and comes with plenty of benefits.

Why should I choose Rhino Shield over traditional paints?

Rhino Shield paint is made using superior ingredients making it a far better product compared to standard paints. The paint or coating is environmentally friendly, and since it is designed using a unique formula and quality ingredients, it reduces the need to keep on repainting your home after every few years. All Rhino Shield products are waterproof and are mildew and mold resistant. The paint or coating also helps reduce energy consumption as it possesses insulating properties and a high solar reflective index. At the same time, the coating is a breathable product, meaning that it allows for water vapor to escape from the wall, hence preventing it from cracking. As such, the coating can stay crack, peel, or chip-free for up to 25 years.

On what surfaces can I use Rhino Shield on?

Rhino Shield can be used on almost any surface, and that includes brick, wood, vinyl, block, metal, stucco, among others.

How long will Rhino Shield last?

This is one Rhino Shield Paint FAQ that many people ask when looking to know more about this coating. As mentioned above, the paint can stay crack, peel and chip free for up to 25 years. As such, it comes with a 25-year warranty against weathering and wear and tear.

How does the paint look like and how is it applied?

Rhino Shield looks very much like rich latex paint the only difference between the two is that Rhino Shield is slightly much thicker in viscosity. However, it maintains the textural characteristics and look for your building material. Application-wise, the coating can be applied by spraying it on a surface using paint spraying equipment or can be brushed or rolled onto a surface if necessary.

Can I have the paint in a color shade of my choice?

Yes. Rhino Shield coating can be stained to almost any color of your liking using high-grade paint tints.

The above are among some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes Rhino Shield paint. However, if you have more questions about the coating, consider contacting a Rhino Shield expert for more Rhino Shield Paint FAQ answers.