New Prostitution Sting Washington DC Arrests


Since the economy has slowed down over the past several years, we have seen a rise in prostitution. One area of the country however that has seen a lot of success is Washington DC. So it is not a surprise that prostitution has reared its ugly head in DC since that is where all the money is at. It was getting to the point where open prostitution in the streets was looking really bad for the capital, which is why the police finally acted in a major sting.

For the past year, there have been quite a few headlines that we’ve seen each day saying another prostitution sting Washington DC. The main reason for this is the city has become out of control, and the politicians have been asked by the citizens to do something about it. In turn, the DC police have responded by setting up stings by posing fake ads on the internet then surprising the men when they show up to the hotel rooms.

There would not have been any action taken but since so much money is flowing in DC, we now see all sorts of criminals and hustlers making their way there. This has presented Washington with a lot of serious issues since they have a lot on their plate with regards to law enforcement.


If you look online, you can read many articles relating to prostitution sting Washington DC and be amazed at the extent of this problem. Not only are they arresting people once, but over and over again. These people do not seem to get the message that the District of Columbia has a no-tolerance policy when it comes to prostitution.

Washington DC is a major tourist spot, and it doesn’t look good when our nation’s capital is littered with prostitutes. In addition to prostitution, you have an increase in drugs and weaponry brought into DC. Some of which are considered serious felonies. There had to be a crack down sooner or later. Otherwise, the situation was about to get out of control.

With so much money in Washington DC many people say you can’t put the blame on these desperate people who prostitute themselves because they are trying to feed their families. Others argue that it is the broken economic system and the failed policies coming out Washington DC that has contributed to the rise of prostitution in Washington.

Whatever it is the cause of the problem we now know that you are taking a very big chance if you solicit a prostitute in Washington DC. There is now a no tolerance policy, and you will be arrested and brought to jail if you get caught up in one of the many sting operations. You are better off just staying home or go out to a club and meet someone. There is no reason to risk getting caught because they will eventually catch you.

Unfortunately, money does not always lead to happiness and in parts of Washington DC we are finding that out today. Too many prostitutes were making their way there, and something had to be done about it.