Get a truckkort B

In order to reach truck, you must have truckkort b. Usually offered training courses for truckkort A and B together but you can also just take truckkort (B). most people prefer to take both and, when you’re at it. With a truckkort B, except reach truck fork lift trucks, lifting also run high åkstaplare, high-Bay plocktruck, smalgångstruck and fyrvägstruck. Truckutbildningar are located throughout the country and is a popular option for those who want to quickly enter the labour market. However, make sure that you go a AKB-training when you take your truckkort.

AKB (Transport trade union work and work environment Council) is an industry organization that works for the courses offered will be as high quality as possible and comply with all requirements of applicable rules. By joining one of AKB authorized training, you will know that you are getting the best education possible.

Many employers also requires that one should have a AKB issued diplomas (truckkort). The training usually takes only two to three days and includes both theoretical and practical parts. Once you get your truckkort includes most job searching in our metropolitan areas Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, but with, among other things. internet-trade booster is now also more and more jobs in smaller towns. Or for those who are adventurous is a popular option to look for a job in Norway.

A forklift with many sides

Due to its versatility, this type of truck is very common on the stock, in distribution centers and logistics companies. They act as a universaltruck and is often indispensable for different inventory activities. They are often used in places where there are no such broad truckgångar but still required high lifting heights. Skjutstativtruckarna do this because they are suitable both for horizontal transport and stacking. A reach truck is especially useful in connection with pallagring. Telereach trucks has great range and stability and can have very high lifting heights, providing excellent flexibility, lifting capacity and maneuverability. A reach truck can handle both block stacking as drive-in feeder and managing long-goods. This article is made by min laserbehandling, find them at


Telereach trucks today are often also very easy to handle and are now with the ergonomic situation into focus. Truckutbildningar and innovative security solutions strengthens more easily hanterligheten. A really good reach truck makes it both easy, fun, and safe for you to work in tight environments.

What is a skjutstativtruck

reach truck is a type of truck that is equipped with a,in several parts,teleskoper and etripod that can be pushed in and out. Read about laser hårborttagning here.  Thus, one can have the load both inutskjutet mode with fork lift trucks and in a position which corresponds to stödbenstruck. Get a billigt truckkort today. reach truck can thus be used as a regular stacker but you also have the ability to move the gaffelstativet horizontally.reach truck can have height of over 12m and pass loads as heavy as 1400kg.

How to get a truckkörkort

To take a so-called AKB-truckkort means that you get a good education as possible which will increase your safety at work. Many employers also require to have such in order to be able to gain employment at all. That at one time take a AKB-truckkort makes you more attractive on the labour market and to avoid taking on truckkortet if you are switching to an employer who requires AKB permission. After a closed training where the TLP, you receive a 10 used AKB-certificate of training.

The most important thing when choosing your truckutbildning, then, is to choose a course of study approved by AKB and follows their TLP 10. AKB has agreements with about 450 businesses around the country that hold the truck and maskinförar courses. You can find a complete list of AKB’s website. AKB may issue certificates for all eighteen different kinds of trucks. Get a jurist göteborg by the link. After you verify that the trainers you selected is connected to AKB as the next step to compare prices, textbooks and how long the training is. A shorter training is not necessarily better. Having longer, for example. mean more exercise of practical parts.

Secure truckkort education

AKB has, with the above objectives, developed a curriculum for truckutbildning. This is called TLP 10 and replaced 2011 another curriculum called TLP 2. In this plan, there are guidelines for what knowledge and skills required for reading. The guidelines are developed by experts at AKB in cooperation with the social partners. A very important part is to reduce the number of truckolyckor and to promote efficient production. Find a jurist today. The plan clarifies what wishes the parties has on a really good truckutbildning.

A further guarantee of the quality of your training is that truckinstruktörer have the opportunity to become certified AKB. In addition, meets the requirements of TLP 10 all requirements under the working environment authority’s regulations on the use of forklifts.

Truckutbildning certificate

Transport unions occupational and workplace health and Safety Board (AKB) is a cooperative organization with several employers and workers ‘ organizations in the transport sector as the main men. Behind the Organization stands. Car traffic, employers ‘ federations, the Motor Industry’s employers ‘ Association, the Swedish transport workers ‘ Union and the Union. A total of eleven different parties stands behind the organization.
AKB has as mission to actively contribute to the development of skills and the working environment in the transportation sector and increase both the safety of the personnel in the industry that the profitability of the company. They engaged in many projects and keeps a large number of courses to create a safer working environment, higher literacy and sustainable growth. We also work actively against the school system in order to meet the transport sector in the long term needs of trained staff, for example. by it to create attractive secondary educations majoring in business. The Organization’s activities are financed by a uniform service charge related to the employee’s annual salary and is paid by all employers in the transport sector. You do not need to pay anything.