The New Fuss About Slip and Fall Lawyers

As it will dawn on you, locating a slip and fall lawyer is a very long procedure. On the reverse side, cell phones can be convenient should you happen to have a legitimate reason to employ a slip and fall lawyer. It is critical to truly have a licensed slip and fall lawyer, like Stephen Chung Injury Attorney, help you through this procedure to ensure you are pursuing an injury claim effectively.

Understand Your Rights

Understanding your rights in regards to a slip-and-fall case can appear complicated. Read on for tips regarding these matters, together with, moving forward with a slip-and-fall claim. Put it to work for you as well as get in touch with a slip-and-fall lawyer today. If this is so, there are a lot of crucial things to contemplate if you need to employ a slip-and-fall lawyer. In the event you were hurt as a result of slip-and-fall accident on somebody else’s property, you should know a few things about your situation. Be sure the sidewalk that you’re traversing is free from such risks to prevent slipping, tripping, and falling.

There are several different causes of slip-and-fall accidents. A slip-and-fall accident may happen anytime. The following step, which may have to be achieved by a reliable friend or family member conditioned upon the severity of your injury, will be to receive all the contact info from anyone which might have witnessed the incident. The very first few actions slip and fall injury victims take mean a big difference concerning establishing fault and liability. This is something very important to know because if you’re ever in some accident, you’ll have a terrific possibility of getting compensated for your injuries and that you do not even need to cover the lawyer unless you get a settlement.
slip and fall lawyer

The truth is the fact that slip-and-fall lawyers are out there for a reason, so make the most of their services as it could assist you to live easier. If it happens to you personally, it’s best to contact us. We will present your case so you can be compensated by whoever owns premises where in fact the fall happened. It is also possible to seek assistance from a specialty lawyer to address insurance companies to be able to have each of the legal formalities settled in an amicable manner. It’s advisable that one ought to seek assistance from the lawyer for virtually any situation which may need legal help at a following point in time. Lastly, in regards to selecting the best accident lawyers, there are particular things you should put into consideration so you can hire the top on the market.

While on vacation, accidents might occur that require a slip-and-fall lawyer. Consult a slip-and-fall lawyer about the mishap. Several conditions may make a slip and fall accident. Slip and fall accidents that happen on stairs for example. Falls because of an uneven sidewalk or possibly a greasy floor can result in serious injury. Under any condition, a slip-and-fall accident might result in injury, physical harm, or mental and mental trauma.

Reviewing States With The Most DUI Convictions

Motor accidents are frequent in the United States. Principal among the causes of car accidents is drunk driving. This is the driving of motor vehicles while judgment is impaired by alcohol or controlled substances. Drunk driving has haunted many people as it has led to maiming, injuries that leave people with disabilities and even deaths. Cases of manslaughter, because drivers are on roads with a blood-alcohol level above the legally stipulated limits, are common. This has led to infuriated, and saddened outcries as drunk driving can be avoided. Many states have enacted laws putting in place tough DUI and DWI laws to curb the senseless accidents. This has led to many arrests, charges, and convictions.

Data from the United States Justice Department has shown that California leads with the highest arrest record of 214,828 people. Texas closely follows it with 90,066 arrests. Florida is third with 61,852 arrests, Pennsylvania 53,319 arrests; North Carolina had 49,599 arrests, Wisconsin 40,549, Arizona 39,746, Michigan 35,534, Washington 34,952, Missouri 34,004, Minnesota 29,832, Colorado 28,198 and Virginia 27,732 arrests. Other states such as Tennessee had 26,322 arrests, Georgia 25,421, New York 25,169, New Jersey 24,313, Maryland 23714 arrests while Indiana had 23,475 arrests. Other states had remarkably fewer incidents of DUI arrests.These number of arrests have helped reduce the number of OWI offenders on roads as many of the offenders face stiff sentences which may include jail terms and if allowed to have house arrests are made to wear alcohol monitoring devices such as the SCRAM bracelet. This has increased soberness on roads making them a safer place to drive in. The states with high OWI arrests have also put in place strong laws that define when a person is considered to be driving while under the influence of alcohol. The strong new laws have made it a better alternative for people to only drink if they have alternative modes of transport to their destinations. In the state of Wisconsin, a Wisconsin OWI lawyer will remain very busy with the amount of drinking and driving at local universities.


In a state such as California, for example, the DUI conviction rate is as high as 90 percent. This has made drunk drivers fear such states for they are sure to get stiff sentences if arrested. Statistics in many states also shows that DUI dismissals are as low as 1.5 percent. Strict OWI laws have shown that fatalities based on alcohol or drugs impaired driving have dropped by 35 percent. The consumption of alcohol in 45 states including Washington has decreased markedly with the total national consumption rates and those of people under the legal drinking age also declining to historical levels. According to research, the total control of drinking by individual states has seen the growth of a healthier nation with fewer accidents and improved accountability.

New Prostitution Sting Washington DC Arrests


Since the economy has slowed down over the past several years, we have seen a rise in prostitution. One area of the country however that has seen a lot of success is Washington DC. So it is not a surprise that prostitution has reared its ugly head in DC since that is where all the money is at. It was getting to the point where open prostitution in the streets was looking really bad for the capital, which is why the police finally acted in a major sting.

For the past year, there have been quite a few headlines that we’ve seen each day saying another prostitution sting Washington DC. The main reason for this is the city has become out of control, and the politicians have been asked by the citizens to do something about it. In turn, the DC police have responded by setting up stings by posing fake ads on the internet then surprising the men when they show up to the hotel rooms.

There would not have been any action taken but since so much money is flowing in DC, we now see all sorts of criminals and hustlers making their way there. This has presented Washington with a lot of serious issues since they have a lot on their plate with regards to law enforcement.


If you look online, you can read many articles relating to prostitution sting Washington DC and be amazed at the extent of this problem. Not only are they arresting people once, but over and over again. These people do not seem to get the message that the District of Columbia has a no-tolerance policy when it comes to prostitution.

Washington DC is a major tourist spot, and it doesn’t look good when our nation’s capital is littered with prostitutes. In addition to prostitution, you have an increase in drugs and weaponry brought into DC. Some of which are considered serious felonies. There had to be a crack down sooner or later. Otherwise, the situation was about to get out of control.

With so much money in Washington DC many people say you can’t put the blame on these desperate people who prostitute themselves because they are trying to feed their families. Others argue that it is the broken economic system and the failed policies coming out Washington DC that has contributed to the rise of prostitution in Washington.

Whatever it is the cause of the problem we now know that you are taking a very big chance if you solicit a prostitute in Washington DC. There is now a no tolerance policy, and you will be arrested and brought to jail if you get caught up in one of the many sting operations. You are better off just staying home or go out to a club and meet someone. There is no reason to risk getting caught because they will eventually catch you.

Unfortunately, money does not always lead to happiness and in parts of Washington DC we are finding that out today. Too many prostitutes were making their way there, and something had to be done about it.